A Necessary Change

Hello friends.

There comes a point in a writer’s life where one must change his or her literary voice. Mark Twain, for example, wrote part of Huckleberry Finn, took a few year break, then picked back up in an entirely new literary voice. (Did you even know that?! And did you know Twain’s real name is Samuel Clemens?) Reread it. You’ll find it pretty evident now that you know this key piece of intel.

I’m at that point with my own voice. I’m so bored with my own blog.

I love the title. I mean “Mi” for “My” works because I’m from “MI”, and it’s not because I am some silly little girl who thinks it’s cute to misspell words. Spelling errors are never acceptable by the way. I love the really sweet feedback from my family who reads it. But sometimes I get halfway through proofreading my post for the eighth time and I can’t even finish it because I’m so not interested. I’m pretty sure only my mom, mother-in-law, and Aunt Sharon read and enjoy this thing, and that’s because they’re all my moms. They have to.

Therefore, I have made the decision to change my literary voice. My favorite part to write about is the end where I talk about my favorite new books and new things about Florida. So I might just blog about literature for a bit, or new TV shows (Mr. Robot premieres on USA tomorrow–WATCH. IT.) Maybe I’ll write about really cool places that Keegan and I discover. It’ll probably be really similar to My Happy Life.

But if you want to know more about the true day to day, I’ll just shoot you a text. Or you could follow me on Instagram at brishappylife. Be warned: I mainly post without filters, edited images, or contrasting sharpness. So they’re mostly just normal pictures.

Until then,

xoxo Brianna